Note: Price works out at only £4.50 per class!

These classes are non competitive and based on working on new skills and having fun at the same time.


Recreational classes are priced at £18 per four weeks. All recreational classes have a registration fee of £25. This must be paid before the athlete can take part in class. There is also a registration form that must be filled out before class. Please contact us to get a copy of this form. Our recreational kids will not perform at any competitions. They will receive their Nemesis T-Shirt when their registration fee is paid and will have the option to perform at any non-competitive performances we have, when possible.


Note: This class is on every Monday at 4.15pm to 5pm.

For ages: 4-6.

This class focuses on the basics of cheerleading and having fun. This class consists of lots of games and obstacle course to help children develop their cheerleading skills as well as basic skills such as running, catching and jumping. This class also take part in stunts and cheer dance.

Youth Cheer

Note: This class is on every Monday at 5.15pm to 6.15pm.

For ages: 7-10.

This class consists of tumbling, cheer jumps, stunts and cheer dance. This class works on all elements of cheerleading without the competitive aspect. We also incorporate games and obstacle courses to keep it fun.

Pom Dance

Note: This class is on every Monday at 5pm to 6pm.

For ages: 7-10.

In this class kids learn a variety of Pom, Jazz and Cheer based dance. In addition to this every other week we focus on their tumbling skills and jumps. Kids in this class also get to participate in a variety of games and obstacle courses that are aimed towards achieving their skills.