Before considering any of our competition teams please remember it is a larger commitment both time wise and financially. Also, due to COVID-19 we cannot guarantee that we will get to compete this year.


Competition team four weekly payments will be £20. This works out at £5 for over an hour of class. As well as our £25 registration fee.

The registration fee must be paid before your first practice.

In addition to this, Competition teams also have additional expenses, Including:

  • Uniform - Cheerleading uniform is usually around £100, although we are trying to limit ours to £50 for this year. Our uniform for this year will be a brand new competition T-Shirt, Shorts and a Cheer Bow.
  • Competition Fees
  • Cheerleading Shoes - Vary depending on brand/size.
  • Competition costs - Most competitions are in Belfast/Antrim. Ticket cost for parents.

In addition to this, competition teams also require more commitment. Please see the attendance policy for more details.

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