Below you can find some of the most commonly asked questions in regard to our team and the services we offer. If you have questions not answered below, please don't hesitate to ask us directly.

What is All Star Cheerleading?

All star cheerleading consists of a team performing a range of stunts, tumbling, jumps, pyramid and dance sections! Usually performed in 2 minutes, 30 seconds! All star cheerleading does not involve cheering for any other sports team!

Do I need any experience to join?

We welcome athletes of all abilities with no experience needed!

Are you a competitive based team?

All star cheerleading is a competitive sport. However, we are currently offering only recreational classes, with the intention of also offering competition based teams, when covid restrictions are eased!

What is the minimum age to join the classes?

We currently offer classes for children age 4+, they are available for both girls and boys!

What do athletes do in recreational classes?

Our recreational classes are focused on having fun while also gaining skills! Classes involve games, dance and tumbling! Stunting will be introduced when social covid guidelines are eased!

What is the payment process?

Our recreational classes are paid in blocks of eight week terms priced at £32 per term! You can join mid term and any classes that have been missed will be taken off the total! There is also a £15 registration fee that must be paid with the first 4 weeks of class participation, this covers admin work, insurance etc, as well as getting a Nemesis T-shirt for the athlete! Sibling rates are available!